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Random Update

Debating the future of this blog. I've had it for 8 years and sorta feel like I've "moved on". Plus blogging is becoming passe and microblogging is the way to go. I'm just so busy these days and updating my FB status is so so easy, plus so many more of the people I know these days are on not Facebook, not the land of LJ. Then again, maybe I am just sick of LJ and if I had a fancy new Typepad blog with my own URL I'd start updating again. And maybe starting fresh would also get me to write better and thus share post links on FB etc. Hrmmmmm. Can't decide.

The world of derby is currently quite boring for me because I've still been sitting out 95% of the time due to my knee (and my shoulder though that's easier to still skate with and just ignore). Doctor's appointment Tuesday though!

Still have the foster kitten, supposedly he's going to go shorty though, unless the lady forgot I had him again. He cracks me up and Sprout and Flash loooooove him and play with him constantly. They all wrestle together and the kitten loves it even though he weighs like 1/10th of what they do. Bug still loves him too. It's going to seem so quiet around here when he leaves!

Work's been busy, and there's been some drama lately, but that's turning out better than I expected.

I'm trying to fit in time to read Catching Fire which is the second book after Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. SOOOO GOOD.

De-dreadlocked Shadow tonight and then vaccumed up about 5 lbs of cat hair.

Treated myself to a Coldstone run too. Yep, pretty much I'll weigh as much as two baby whales soon!

Just ordered a new camera even though I don't really have the money. I went for the entry level Cannon dslr, and I can't wait to play with it! Look forward to more pictures soon!

Leaving for Denver on the 30th.

Oh, did I ever mention I got an iPhone? LOOOOOOVE it!!! Worth every damn penny that thing cost me and WILL cost me.

Mmmmmkay, time to get some reading in before bed.


Sep. 21st, 2009 10:13 pm (UTC)
Catching Fire...I feel bad, I've had it on my desk for a while, but keep reading other things. I either need to read it, or put it back in the pool so others can!

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