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Yeah yeah, still alive. Just been busy and spending way more time on Facebook these days than LJ.

This is day 10! of a nasty cold, that was slow to fully kick-in, and doesn't seem to want to go away. Everyday that I think I'm feeling better is followed by a day that I feel like I'm gonna die. It's not the flu though, no fever, etc. Thank goodness.

My typical week these days looks like this:

Sunday - work all day
Monday - work all day, roller derby all evening
Tuesday - work all day, roller derby all evening
Wednesday - work all day
Thursday - work all day, roller derby all evening
Friday - enameling class most of the day
Saturday - half of which are usually spent focused on roller derby bouts

Plus I'm still trying to maintain a social life. I had games night with work folk last week. I hang out and/or go skating outside with derby folk. I see Bradley and Jackie on a regular basis. Plus my neighbor Jenna and I usually go out at least one evening a week.

OH! and I'm fostering a 7 week old kitten. And I've taken on a bunch of admin/web assistant, type duties for the derby league.

It's keeping me busy, yes. However, the kitten is to-die-for cute, and derby has been going awesome lately other than the fact I missed a couple practices due to being sick. There is a double header scheduled for October 24th and they need more skaters, so I'm supposed to try out for placement on one of the official teams next week!

My Labor Day weekend schedule is a bit odd. Luckily it'll give me some time to recover from this damn cold hopefully. Today was my regular day off but I spent most of it in enameling class. Tonight was supposed to be a fund raiser but thinking about driving all the way up to Santa Cruz for a late evening concert in a bar made me wanna cry due to tiredness, so I opted to stay in tonight. Tomorrow I work all day because I requested last Sunday off, and I'm cat sitting for a coworker so I gotta squeeze two house visits in. Sunday is cat sitting again, and then there are two derby related parties I want to hit up. I should also get some skating in and but up some bout posters. Monday is completely free except for derby in the evening, yay! Then I work one day, and we're closed on Wednesday for the California Admissions holiday.

I booked a trip to Denver at the end of the month - I haven't been in FOREVER and derby western regional finals are taking place there! Yay!


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Sep. 5th, 2009 02:07 pm (UTC)
I hope you kick your illness soon. Yuck. And good luck making one of the derby teams - that'd be awesome. And whatever you do, don't get sucked into keeping your kitten! Do you really want to add crazy cat lady to your titles??
Sep. 5th, 2009 05:18 pm (UTC)
no no, i am not going to keep him! but my neighbor jenna might die when he goes away, she comes by like everyday to play with him -- she already has 2 cats though.

and i think crazy cat lady is already part of my title ; )
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