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Mid Month Update!

My DSL died last weekend. I called AT&T, they said they'd call me back the next day. They never did. I called again, and they told me they could schedule me an appointment five days later (today). I spent the majority of the week without internet at home, but finally got around to checking and was able to find a barely-there wi-fi signal to steal. Anyway, my appointment time range was 8am-12. I waited and waited, refusing to shower or pop out for a latte for fear that I'd miss them. Finally gave up around 12:15 and hoped in the shower and walked Bug over to Miriams for my latte. Called AT&T when I got back. Apparently they closed my trouble ticket two days ago, so I got to start from scratch. Supposedly I was going to get a new appointment for Monday morning, but the hard-to-understand lady said something about getting a call before then. Later in the afternoon on my way up to Santa Cruz I get an automated message that they can't detect anything wrong with my line, and to call if I have any questions. Get home at 10pm and mysteriously my DSL is working. UGH, I've had nothing but three year or trouble, I really ought to switch out internet services!

Anyway, had to get that off my chest. Moving on....

Been really busy lately. Yesterday was a my birthday. 28! I slept til noon, took Bug to get brunch with me, got a massage, and Bradley and Jax came down for a trip to Hula's and then the County Fair. Good times.

Today I went up to Santa Cruz to skate the levee with some other derby girls. Afterward we got some beer and food, and then one other chick and her husband and I went to see the Time Traveler's Wife. It was total meh, eh, bleh. I mean, it wasn't a horrible movie, but it wasn't good either. And I pretty much hated the casting. And there just wasn't any meat to the plot. And and and, anyway, I highly recommend the book, but the movie can be easily skipped.

Last Sunday a bunch of work folk went out for tapas in Carmel to celebrate the fact that a ton of us have August birthdays. It was a very interesting night. The sangria was nummy, the food was good, the company was interesting, and afterward a few of us headed over to a bar to sit and chat. And it was, interesting..... haha

I took my scrimmage assessment at derby practice on Tuesday and Thursday and passed!!!! This means next time they have tryouts to place eligible players on the A and B team, I hopefully will get placed! This will possibly happen before the off-season in October or in the very early Spring, the scheduling has been a little unclear. This also means that I get to participate in all aspects of practice, and really get to experience serious hitting.

Otherwise life's pretty much same-old same-old. All the furballs are doing well. Work has been busy and stressful but that's nothing new.

There's a decently big forest fire across the bay, about 50miles away, and it's been crazy smoky and there's tons of ash in the air. Quite enjoyable, lemme tell ya.


Aug. 16th, 2009 04:27 pm (UTC)
someone brought along a friend who had a very unusual personality. and at the resturaunt we had a very creepy waitor

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