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Catching Up

Yawn, SOOOOO tired. Tonight was my first real evening at home in longer than I can remember! I guess I didn't technically have anything on Wednesday, but I had to work until 6pm+ and then Jenna and I went out for Mexican, shared a pitcher of margaritas, and I barely stumbled my way back home to do some cleaning because the apartment was a disaster.

The trip to Denver was good. I saw a ton of REALLY AMAZING derby. Visiting with family was worthwhile. I got to head out on my own a couple times with my dad's borrowed Buick (barf), which wasn't nearly as much as I'd want to in a perfect world, but it was okay. I didn't go into the trip with high expectations, and as a result am satisfied. I hit up the Denver Art Museum. Saw the Tattered Cover's new location (it shrunk greatly, sigh), and got to eat a couple of my favorite places.

Work has been insanely busy lately. I am so utterly behind and lacking time to do everything I need to do, and leaving for a week definatly didn't help that.

My knee and my shoulder both are still messed up. Also I've since added a wrist, and suddenly my other shoulder has started to ache. Not good at all. It's like suddenly my body can't heal at all. I'm still going to physical therapy, and trying to skate at practice as much as I can. Normally I can skate okay because my knee doesn't really effect my stability, but due to my recent lack of exercise I have no stamina, and if I fall and tweak my knee the right way, it still can kill.

I felt like such a dumbass at practice last night. I put on my gear and go out to take a few warm up laps and halfway through lap one, as I'm thinking about how the floor feels extra slippery, I wipe out and twist my knee on the way down. This was so lame because I was skating SLOWLY,nobody was near me, and there really wasn't any reason I should have fallen. My knee hurt so much I couldn't get up, and I had to drag my ass across the floor with my arms to get out of the way. ugh ugh ugh ugh.

At this point I'm trying to stay solid enough to play in my first bout on the 24th! I think I can, I think I can.

I was at physical therapy today and most of the time there I work with an assistant, and the main therapist comes over every so often to check in. Today he saw me and asked how I was doing and I said 'pretty much the same'. I seem to have plateaued, and then I said when I do *this* (picture me crouching downward) my knee still really hurts. And as I'm demoing that I go owe owe owe -- anyway, the therapist got this shocked look on his face and said something about how it shouldn't still be that sensitive at this point, and when am I checking back in with my doc. Well no DUH. Anyway, I kinda feel like it compares to a bruise - it's there, but it doesn't hurt until you mess with it.

I got a new pair of glasses, they're cute! I tried to get a pair of sporty ones for derby and ended up hating them. I went back to see if there was any hope of getting them adjusted or something, and surprisingly they let me exchange the frames for whatever other frames I wanted and they'd put the lenses in those. I got half plastic, half metal frames, green - very me. So natural in fact, that people don't even realize I have new glasses until I point it out.

I still have the foster kitten - he's finally going to get neutered on Thursday, and then soon after that I will probably turn him back in. I'll miss him, but it'll be nice to have the apartment become slightly quieter again.

My last enameling class was today. I made some cute shit, and will post pics on flickr soon. One of my derby friends mentioned she was going to take an embroidery/applique at this craft studio place in Santa Cruz - it's 3 Friday nights starting next week and I've always wanted to learn so I signed up too.

Me thinks it's time for bed. I am SOOO tired and sooooooo looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. mmmmmmm.

Random Update

Debating the future of this blog. I've had it for 8 years and sorta feel like I've "moved on". Plus blogging is becoming passe and microblogging is the way to go. I'm just so busy these days and updating my FB status is so so easy, plus so many more of the people I know these days are on not Facebook, not the land of LJ. Then again, maybe I am just sick of LJ and if I had a fancy new Typepad blog with my own URL I'd start updating again. And maybe starting fresh would also get me to write better and thus share post links on FB etc. Hrmmmmm. Can't decide.

The world of derby is currently quite boring for me because I've still been sitting out 95% of the time due to my knee (and my shoulder though that's easier to still skate with and just ignore). Doctor's appointment Tuesday though!

Still have the foster kitten, supposedly he's going to go shorty though, unless the lady forgot I had him again. He cracks me up and Sprout and Flash loooooove him and play with him constantly. They all wrestle together and the kitten loves it even though he weighs like 1/10th of what they do. Bug still loves him too. It's going to seem so quiet around here when he leaves!

Work's been busy, and there's been some drama lately, but that's turning out better than I expected.

I'm trying to fit in time to read Catching Fire which is the second book after Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. SOOOO GOOD.

De-dreadlocked Shadow tonight and then vaccumed up about 5 lbs of cat hair.

Treated myself to a Coldstone run too. Yep, pretty much I'll weigh as much as two baby whales soon!

Just ordered a new camera even though I don't really have the money. I went for the entry level Cannon dslr, and I can't wait to play with it! Look forward to more pictures soon!

Leaving for Denver on the 30th.

Oh, did I ever mention I got an iPhone? LOOOOOOVE it!!! Worth every damn penny that thing cost me and WILL cost me.

Mmmmmkay, time to get some reading in before bed.

Mid-Week Day Off!

If you like kitties you HAVE to see these videos! They are TOO CUTE!!!! One of the other derby girls told me about them at practice last night when I was sitting on the bench fiddling with my iphone. Simon's Cat

No work today thanks to Admissions Day, though I spose when I got back to work tomorrow I'll have to listen to everyone bitch about how we were closed on a random Wednesday because nobody really knows what Admissions Day is. I guess it's a fair trade-off.

So team tryouts were Monday. Haven't heard the results yet, but I managed to fall on my knee super hard and twist it at the same time. I couldn't even walk yesterday without a hardcore limp, and was all set to go to the hospital clinic this morning, but when I woke up I could bend it twice as much as I could yesterday and can manage to mostly walk without a limp, so I decided to put off the dr and give it a few more days. Even though I have insurance, it'll probably still end up costing me $$$ so I'm not especially excited about going.

Anyway, I ran some errands this morning and now I being a bum. That's pretty much the plan for the rest of the day. Yay.

PS, I named the kitten Ollie and he's such a sweetheart. He has no fear and loves to wrestle and attack Bug, Sprout, and Flash, it's hilarious!


Yeah yeah, still alive. Just been busy and spending way more time on Facebook these days than LJ.

This is day 10! of a nasty cold, that was slow to fully kick-in, and doesn't seem to want to go away. Everyday that I think I'm feeling better is followed by a day that I feel like I'm gonna die. It's not the flu though, no fever, etc. Thank goodness.

My typical week these days looks like this:

Sunday - work all day
Monday - work all day, roller derby all evening
Tuesday - work all day, roller derby all evening
Wednesday - work all day
Thursday - work all day, roller derby all evening
Friday - enameling class most of the day
Saturday - half of which are usually spent focused on roller derby bouts

Plus I'm still trying to maintain a social life. I had games night with work folk last week. I hang out and/or go skating outside with derby folk. I see Bradley and Jackie on a regular basis. Plus my neighbor Jenna and I usually go out at least one evening a week.

OH! and I'm fostering a 7 week old kitten. And I've taken on a bunch of admin/web assistant, type duties for the derby league.

It's keeping me busy, yes. However, the kitten is to-die-for cute, and derby has been going awesome lately other than the fact I missed a couple practices due to being sick. There is a double header scheduled for October 24th and they need more skaters, so I'm supposed to try out for placement on one of the official teams next week!

My Labor Day weekend schedule is a bit odd. Luckily it'll give me some time to recover from this damn cold hopefully. Today was my regular day off but I spent most of it in enameling class. Tonight was supposed to be a fund raiser but thinking about driving all the way up to Santa Cruz for a late evening concert in a bar made me wanna cry due to tiredness, so I opted to stay in tonight. Tomorrow I work all day because I requested last Sunday off, and I'm cat sitting for a coworker so I gotta squeeze two house visits in. Sunday is cat sitting again, and then there are two derby related parties I want to hit up. I should also get some skating in and but up some bout posters. Monday is completely free except for derby in the evening, yay! Then I work one day, and we're closed on Wednesday for the California Admissions holiday.

I booked a trip to Denver at the end of the month - I haven't been in FOREVER and derby western regional finals are taking place there! Yay!

Mid Month Update!

My DSL died last weekend. I called AT&T, they said they'd call me back the next day. They never did. I called again, and they told me they could schedule me an appointment five days later (today). I spent the majority of the week without internet at home, but finally got around to checking and was able to find a barely-there wi-fi signal to steal. Anyway, my appointment time range was 8am-12. I waited and waited, refusing to shower or pop out for a latte for fear that I'd miss them. Finally gave up around 12:15 and hoped in the shower and walked Bug over to Miriams for my latte. Called AT&T when I got back. Apparently they closed my trouble ticket two days ago, so I got to start from scratch. Supposedly I was going to get a new appointment for Monday morning, but the hard-to-understand lady said something about getting a call before then. Later in the afternoon on my way up to Santa Cruz I get an automated message that they can't detect anything wrong with my line, and to call if I have any questions. Get home at 10pm and mysteriously my DSL is working. UGH, I've had nothing but three year or trouble, I really ought to switch out internet services!

Anyway, had to get that off my chest. Moving on....

Been really busy lately. Yesterday was a my birthday. 28! I slept til noon, took Bug to get brunch with me, got a massage, and Bradley and Jax came down for a trip to Hula's and then the County Fair. Good times.

Today I went up to Santa Cruz to skate the levee with some other derby girls. Afterward we got some beer and food, and then one other chick and her husband and I went to see the Time Traveler's Wife. It was total meh, eh, bleh. I mean, it wasn't a horrible movie, but it wasn't good either. And I pretty much hated the casting. And there just wasn't any meat to the plot. And and and, anyway, I highly recommend the book, but the movie can be easily skipped.

Last Sunday a bunch of work folk went out for tapas in Carmel to celebrate the fact that a ton of us have August birthdays. It was a very interesting night. The sangria was nummy, the food was good, the company was interesting, and afterward a few of us headed over to a bar to sit and chat. And it was, interesting..... haha

I took my scrimmage assessment at derby practice on Tuesday and Thursday and passed!!!! This means next time they have tryouts to place eligible players on the A and B team, I hopefully will get placed! This will possibly happen before the off-season in October or in the very early Spring, the scheduling has been a little unclear. This also means that I get to participate in all aspects of practice, and really get to experience serious hitting.

Otherwise life's pretty much same-old same-old. All the furballs are doing well. Work has been busy and stressful but that's nothing new.

There's a decently big forest fire across the bay, about 50miles away, and it's been crazy smoky and there's tons of ash in the air. Quite enjoyable, lemme tell ya.


How in the world is it August already?!?!?!!!

My brother always sends me the most ridiculous gifts. His recent box included souvenirs from all the different places he went to last year, plus some other stuff. I got numerous magnets. Coasters and a vase from Africa that have painted zebras/rhinos/etc on them. A bull bottle opener from Spain. A cartoony camel statue from Dubai. And a baseball cap from his ship, the USS Monterey. Duuuuuuuuuuude, I haven't worn a baseball cap since I was in high school playing softball. And can you imagine me wearing Navy paraphernalia? I think not. Anyway, I guess it's the thought that counts.

I finally got my timing belt done today. It was $1,100 *cringe*

I also got a massage today. It was very nice, but hearing my muscles crunch is always a little cringe worthy - I'm always full of knots and no matter how much they dig in, they never seem to go away.

Since the car was in the shop, I dragged the bike out to traipse around town. Skating does NOT strengthen the same muscles you use for biking.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to get myself out of bed and up to Santa Cruz to meet up with some teammates at the skatepark. Otherwise the plans are to be a bum. I think I can handle that.

That's the That

I'm loving the current derby poster!

Practices continue, and I'm getting better slowly but surely. My outdoor wheels finally arrived and I got to skate outside for the first time this weekend. Friday night I went out on my own, stupidly without my gear, and put a hole in my knee after tripping over a twig. Saturday I went up to Santa Cruz to skate with two other derby chicks and I convinced Goat to come along on his roller blades. Now that was fun, we skated the "levy" which is basically the trail that runs along a drainage area, and it included hills! If I hadn't gone with somebody who'd skated there before and went down first, I probably would have wussed out and refused to go down the hills, but I watched her do it and decided if she could do it, I could too. By the end of the jaunt the more experienced derby girl had fallen twice, but I escaped unscathed! We went over by the Boardwalk and it was kinda surreal to practically be skating under the roller coasters.

Actually, yesterday was a most excellent day. I got up, hung out, took Bug on a walk to my favorite coffee place, sat there and drank lattes and read for awhile. Then I headed up to Santa Cruz to Goat and Jackie's. We swung past the block party happening on their street, and walked to Whole Foods for snacks. Then after Goat and I went skating we went for tacos and margaritas with one of the other Fresh Meat and her husband. Good times. When Jackie got back from her catering gig she suggested we go see (500) Days of Summer and that ended up being really cute!

Work's still busy and I've been especially short tempered lately. I dunno what I want. As far as library jobs go, this one basically lets me do exactly what I want to be doing, but I'm restless and the vibe around there lately has been horrible. Sigh.

I dunno, not much else new. Everybody thinks I must have lost five million pounds since starting derby, but that's totally not the case. I've been eating total crap lately and am still the size of a small whale. I want to do something about it, but my schedule lately hasn't been very friendly in regards to eating and as always, I'm full of excuses.

I haven't replaced my camera yet because I can't decide what one I want and it's not like I have the money for it sitting around anyway. My car is still way overdue for a new timing belt. That'll be $1000 and I seriously better get that scheduled asap as it's been on my to-do list since early spring and I've been driving so much lately. My car insurance is due shortly. I keep buying more derby gear, because that's what a girl's gotta do. I need me some new clothes. There's some super secret stuff in August that require money. I've been really wanting a small couch for my apartment again and found one from Urban Outfitters that seems perfect. It's just a matter of buying it and finding a way to move it. As added motivation my desk chair broke the other day, and my plan is to replace my desk with the couch and a small coffee table, so what better time than now, right? Oh, AND I still have my heart set on an Iphone as a birthday present to myself as my current contract is up at the end of August. Anyway, how am I going to manage all this?

The only good news is that when I went to get my teeth cleaned last week I first of all, didn't have any cavities, yay! And secondly, my dentist heard about derby and offered to make me a professional mouthgaurd on the house. Which is SWEET because that was also on my to-buy list and is a $200 value!!!!

Anyhoo, that's the that.


28 girls showed up for derby tryouts today!

My library got funding to reopen on Sundays, so I'm back to a Sunday-Thursday schedule again. More or less.

Work has been uber-meh lately. Too much to do. Too little time. Too many annoying things. Pain-in-the-ass customers, etc etc. Since the ILL lady quit, I now spend a nice portion of my time in ILL land. We stopped taking new requests and filling requests from other libraries on the 15th, but there are still a ton of items that need to go in and out. The previously lady had the most complicated system ever, ugh, and at least since she's never coming back we've been able to change it to be easier, but still, it's a huge pain in the ass. Plus, I'm expected to find time to handle this, my ref desk hours (slightly fewer than normal), my hour on the youth desk, ordering new materials, supervising volunteers, wrapping up the adult summer reading program, maintaining the reference desk schedule, AMONG OTHER THINGS. The kids' end of the summer reading party is Thursday night and my boss was trying to get me to volunteer to work for it. YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. I think they are trying to kill me. I fantasize about falling down a staircase and getting to go on worker's comp leave. (okay, not really, but it is sort of tempting sometimes between dealing with the crazy homeless people, calling the cops, all the computers breaking down, somebody asking me if they can ask me a dumb question, and one of my other coworkers running over to announce x is broken and what should they do because I'm obviously the ONLY person that has all the answers)

Deep breath....

Pandora's new stupid monthly time quota thing sucks.

Oh and I feel broke. Where does all my money go?
Oh right, South America, tutus, flea meds, lattes, shiny new wheels for my skates, cat insulin, doggie daycare, toilet paper, etc etc etc

Anyway, life is busy. I'm still alive for the moment. Four and a half more days of work left this week. Three derby practices. One dentist appointment. And a partridge in a pear tree.

SCDG for the Win!

Woohoo, great bout last night. My team won 133 to 69, and even though the score was so spread, it was still an exciting bout to watch. I helped set up, ushered, and sold merch. Afterward I went out with a couple other Fresh Meat for tacos and margaritas, entertained some fans who wanted our autographs (ha!), and then headed over to the bar where the after party was being held. I hung out and danced for a bit before trekking back home to Monterey. Fun night!

I have the day off today, it's the last Sunday the library is closed, before we reopen on Sundays again. Yeah, it lasted a whole two weeks.

I need to get my ass in the shower and then head over to yoga. This afternoon I have a massage scheduled. Mmmmmm. And then I better clean my apartment and walk the dog. My new fridge arrived yesterday and it looks quite sexy compared to the ancient rusty one I used to have. Woohoo.

This isn't the best pic, and you can't even really see my tutu! (it's black), but it's the only one I have at the moment to share:

scdg freshmeat


Work has been torturous lately.

One of our patrons wrote the Mayor and City Council and said the library "resembled the waiting room of a busy international airport when many flights are delayed. There were people everywhere, including some leaning against the walls and many sitting on the floor."

When I'm on the ref desk I barely get a chance to breath anymore these days. Can we say burnout?

Just got an email that the City Council decided to give us extra cash to reopen on Sundays. This is good and bad. It'll balance out some of the busy-ness, BUT we're still going to be short-staffed, even with a little bit of money to pay for subs.

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